Monday, September 16, 2013

Copenhagen canals.

I always find myself on canals with the old folks. I really don't know why. I get sea sick at the drop of a hat. This was pretty gentle though. This boat took us around some gentrified army barracks, past the Opera House and out to the Little Mermaid.

Red Rooves of Kopenhagen, Denmark

A view of Copenhagen from the top of the Round Tower.

Poppies, Skane, Sweden

Probably my favorite picture of the Skane countryside. My ancestors would've worked in fields of wheat just like this. When we were celebrating Midsomer with our relatives in Rydsgard we saw people gathering these red poppies to make flower arrangements to decorate the maypole.

Mossby Beach, Skane, Sweden

We took the boys down to Mossby Beach on the Baltic Sea just about every day. The water was cold and the sun incrediby hot, but the temperatures in June were a pleasant 75 degrees farenheit.

Skane farmhouse

We passed a lot of these farmhouses as we wound around the little two lane roads of Skane.

Abbekas, Sweden

Boats in the harbor at Abbekas, Skane, Sweden. While staying on a farm in Skane near Skivarp, I would jog through the fields and past the golf course to get to little Abbekas. There's a nice trail along the sea that runs all the way to Ystad.

Malmo, Sweden

The streets of Malmo, Sweden. This was the final destination of our Scandinavian summer trip. It was the final stop for my great-grandparents prior to coming to America. It's a port city so it has that feel to it. We walked through the squares in the old town, lots of foot traffic, with a very diverse population.