Monday, July 13, 2009

Organic Vegan Wine

Jenni found some vegan wines that we've been enjoying, the Frey Winery. The wines are organic and vegan friendly, sulfite and gluten free too. The winery uses no animal based fining agents to help clarify their wine. We've worked our way through a few bottles already; they make a good bottle of wine. Here's a bit of the faq from their website:

Frey Organic Wines are Vegan and Gluten Free: No Animal or Gluten-Based Fining Agents Used

At Frey Vineyards we have made a commitment to formulate all of our Organic wines without using any animal byproducts in the winemaking process.

Since ancient times, fining agents have been added to a barrel or tank of wine to help clarify and stabilize the wine. They drift through the wine, pick up solid matter, and eventually sink to the bottom of the container. Common fining agents include hydrolyzed wheat gluten isolate, pea protein isolate, casein (milk protein), gelatin, egg whites, fish glue, and natural bentonite clay. Once the fining agent settles at the bottom, the clarified wine is siphoned off the top, leaving behind the residue, which is discarded. Although no trace of these products is found in the bottled wine, some consumers may object to their use. At Frey Vineyards we use only bentonite, a natural earth clay, as the fining agent for our white wines. (Frey red wines are not fined).

Allergy Concerns

We make no health claims regarding our wines, however, bentonite clay fining should pose no problem for people with wheat or gluten allergies, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, or for people who have chosen vegan lifestyles.

Biodynamic and Vegans

Biodynamic farms view animals as an essential component of farm ecology and nutrient cycling. We make all of our own Biodynamic preparations for our farm, in accordance with Biodynamic standards, from plants and animals we raise. This has allowed us to reduce the need for off-farm inputs and to create what we believe to be a more balanced ecology on our land, and a higher level of self-sufficiency and sustainability. Due to the very dilute concentration of the preparations applied to the vineyards, no residues of animal products or allergens are detectable on the fruit at any time. However, for vegans who are concerned with the use of animal products in general, we honor your choice and continue to produce our full line of Organic wines made from grapes sourced from our neighboring farmers’ certified organic vineyards. Both our Organic and Biodynamic wines are produced without the use of any chemicals, preservatives or animal based fining agents.

Our promise to our customers is to continue to produce completely organic wines, made from carefully tended grapes and free from any additives. Our winemaker Paul Frey is vegetarian, as well as other family members.

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