Monday, July 4, 2011

Tal Ronnen - The Conscious Cook

Jenni went vegan in January of this year and hasn't looked back. Though I'm our primary cook, I keep bumping into her in the kitchen as she whips up seitan and imitation sausage rolls.

I still place myself firmly in the vegetarian camp. But that doesn't mean I'm not above expanding my repertoire. Veganism continues to become more prevalent in America and around the world, and new chefs are beginning to show how you can create out of this world vegan cuisine that tastes just as good as the alternative.

The seemingly tireless, Chef Tal is one of those chefs. In this beautiful and informative cookbook Tal shares wonderful, and at times challenging, vegan recipes with the at home chef. Throughout are his recommendations on what ingredients to use and interviews with chefs and others who are creating great, vegan food. As a pitchman for Gardein , you'll find entrees that incorporate Gardein 'chicken' into the recipes, like the one below.

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