Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vegan Clothing

Catch me if you can!
A friend of mine was asking me about my new shoes the other day. When I got over the initial shock of one of my buddies asking me about shoes, I told him they were just like the running shoes I had in high school; Asics, very light and comfortable, very 80's. I'd just picked them up from He nodded and said, cool. I then mentioned that they were vegan as well. He asked, "What are vegan shoes?"

I told him it meant they were made of all man-made materials. So, in a pinch, I could eat them should it become necessary. I pointed to his all leather loafers and shook my head. "I wouldn't be able to make a risotto with those."

In all seriousness most vegans and vegetarians are aware that you can buy vegan friendly clothing and accessories, (no wool, no silk, no leather.) They can sometimes run a bit on the pricey side, but more and more designers are creating stylish options. Jenni has picked up purses, wallets, and shoes at sites like Alternative Outfitters and at, and you can find even more than clothes at sites like Vegan Essentials. If you have any favorites be sure to pass them along.

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