Sunday, November 15, 2009

Globe Trekker

I've been a fan of Globe Trekker ever since the show aired as Lonely Planet on the Travel Channel years ago. Lonely Planet is a travel guide company, which isn't associated with the show whatsoever. Good guides though.

I still watch Globe Trekker, which is available on our PBS affiliate, as is Rick Steves and Rudy Maxa. The shows are very well done. I watch them as much for entertainment as anything. They have some good tips, but it's doubtful I'll ever stay in a Yurt in Mongolia and have to eat goat eyeballs for dinner. It could happen, but it's probably unlikely.

You follow a host, or traveler, like Ian, Justine or Megan as they journey through a destination, meeting locals, shopping, dining on the 'typical' food that's available. The traveler narrates and provides context to what you're seeing. They usually try some exotic dish or participate in a local activity, like scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, or Bungee jumping off a bridge. There's sometimes a little too much acting, but the show provides you with more locations than you've probably ever thought of.

If you can't find the show in your local listings, Globe Trekker has its own website now. I found it a little difficult to use, and I thought it was a drag it wasn't free, but here it is.

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