Saturday, November 28, 2009

Off Peak Travel

November has evolved into a vacation month for us. It's the beginning of the low season for European travel. Low season runs from November to March. We've found some great deals over the years by traveling opposite the high season. Sure, it's a bit cooler, wetter and darker in Europe; much like it is for everyone else living in the northern hemisphere. But because of this airlines and hotels have to work harder to fill seats and rooms. If you're willing make a few sacrifices, you can get a great deal, and have an awesome holiday. So, as you plan your holiday consider the time of year you're going, and why other people might or might not be going there.

Do some homework too, and see when the actual low season is; we found the low season for Stockholm was actually August. Europeans are not doing a lot of work in August, they too are on vacation, so the hotels in the capital cities such as Stockholm, Paris, etc, had great deals. Bermuda was a great deal last November. It was breezy and chilly, but it was still a lot milder than central Illinois. Keep in mind that it's the off season for a reason. You might find it great that there's nobody else at the museum, or that you have the beach to yourself, but that also might mean you're going to loose some of the extra service you might be expecting. Many attractions have different operating during the low season and some may be closed entirely.

Kiplinger's had a good article on off peak travel. I was reading it this morning while I was waiting for the scones to cook.

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