Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hoxton Hotels: Book cheap hotel rooms in Central London

For years I've been trying to land a 1 pound room at the Hoxton Hotel in the City of London. I haven't had a lot of success. But though Brits are probably dreaming about Ibiza right now, I'm listening to Massive Attack and dreaming about London. Though there might be better times to visit London, like June; there's never a bad time to visit. The former capital of the British empire is a world unto itself with an endless supply of attractions to visit, some a bit pricey but many absolutely free. Unfortunately it's also a consistently expensive destination. If you can get a room for a pound, or 29 pounds, it can certainly lighten the load.

I've never stayed at the Hoxton, but since it opened in 2006 I've read only positive reviews. They run 1 pound sales every few months, so keep your eyes pealed. They typically sell 500 rooms in about 10 minutes. But who knows, it could be your lucky day.

Hoxton Hotel £1 Room Sale

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