Sunday, March 28, 2010

Annie Chun

As a vegetarian and a bit of a foodie I prefer preparing as much of our food from scratch as I have time. And I do. But between my work and Jenni's, not to mention the boy's busy schedules; it's hard to always plan ahead, or find the time to get it all done. I try to grab as much on the go healthy food as I can; some almonds, fruit, a Clif bar. But sometimes I need something a little more substantial. Lately,  I've been stashing these quick little Pan-Asian meals from Annie Chun in my pantry and desk. Many of them, like the Korean Kimchi soup bowl I had for lunch today are vegan/vegetarian. The noodles are delicious and they taste surprisingly fresh. The Miso soup was also very tasty. They've started carrying these products in Bloomington, so I'm sure they're available just about everywhere.

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