Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Want My Internet TV!

I was thinking about my previous post on Gadling's new web TV show Travel Talk. I thought I'd post a quick follow up regarding other places to find travel video content on the Internet. You're starting to see more and more travel sites feature video. It seems easy to do with the technology that's currently available. And what lends itself better to showing a destination than video? Unfortunately video isn't the easiest thing to do. Video production is a craft like any other. You need people to script, shoot and edit what you've filmed. You also have to respect the short attention span of web viewers. But video on the web is here to stay. Once editing content gets easier, I think it'll be a skill that people will use like any other. Video will be everywhere, and all the time. Till then, here are a few sites to 'watch.'

This is my City Hosts Thomas and Tim select a local to show them around their hometown.
The 76 Second Travel Show From Robert Reid, Lonely Planet's US Travel Editor From the Galavanting Gals of Galavanting Women's Travel Magazine
Rick Of course Rick isn't going to let video on the web get past him.
Lonely Planet TV Lonely Planet's rather robust webtv hub
The Amateur Traveler Podcast Chris Christensen's travel blog

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