Sunday, August 19, 2012

Abbey Road Crosswalk Webcam

Hey Jude, can I get a refill!
Though it's been awhile since any Beatles walked crossed the road to shoot an album cover, the crosswalk near Abbey Road studios is still there, 'Waiting to take you away!' or at least to the other side of the street. Jenni and I spent an afternoon taking the tube over to St. John's Wood to see it and the exterior of the famous studio. It was the first and only time where a cross walk was our destination. Abbey Road is actually a pretty short street and the cross walk can be dangerous, especially since most tourists stop in the middle to get their photographs taken. I think the London cabbies might only brake for Paul.

If you can't make it to London, but are curious who might be crossing the famous zebra stripes you can now see it on webcam. A friend of mine sent me a link that allows you to see Abbey Road in real time. Just, "Don't do it in the road!" Somebody will be watching you.

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