Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blur Box Set

So, I didn't make it to Hyde Park to catch Blur close the Olympics, nor do I have the cash to pony up for their new box set, Blur 21. (I have all their albums and a few too many box sets on my shelf already.) Blur was one of the great bands of  the 90's and 00's and one of the greatest British bands of all time. They have been one of my all time favorites since Leisure. Even if you don't get the box, enjoy a little Brit-pop on your Sunday Sunday. Below is Blur's latest single Under the Westway released to either coincide with their appearance in Hyde Park or a precursor to another album. Great stuff!


  1. I'd have to totally agree with your praise regarding Blur as influential artists. They constantly evolved and were given heavy rotation on my walkmans, cd players and now mp3 players.

    1. Indeed Samuel; I really wanted to see them over the summer. I never tire of listening to them, their side projects too. I probably listen to Gorillaz as much as blur, but I still pop Parklife in when I'm out and about.