Wednesday, August 15, 2012


When my dad used to talk about reading 'the news' more often than not he meant reading The Sporting News. If he said he was reading an article, that meant, Popular Mechanics. Don't get me started on all the Hot Rod and Car Craft magazines that added several books to our King James Bible: the books of Mustang, GTO, and Barracuda. "Today we will reading from the teachings of St. Caroll of Shelby. Let us pray." 

I can make fun of Dad all I want, but I'm no better. For a travel junky like myself I've developed my own 'news' sources. I read the travel sections of USA Today, Huffington Post, CNN and any number of blogs such as Gadling or BootsnAll on a daily basis. If I'm looking for something specific I may dive into the links I have on my own blog. I'm always pricing this and that and watching my email for price drops from Airfarewatchdog, Luxury Link or GroupOn. Even if I'm not going anywhere.

If like me, you find it's increasingly difficult to manage this endless amount of travel information, consider the recently launched Skift, founded by Jason Clampet recently of Frommer's and Rafat Ali of paidContent, aggregates travel content from across the Web. Much of it is industry based, but there is plenty for the casual consumer as well. I've been reading the 'news' on there for the past few days and it's becoming my main source for information.

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