Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 3 - December 31

New Year's morning. I've seen worse. But I'll post about that tomorrow.

Yesterday was a good day for the challenge, though I drank more scotch than I needed to last night.  Van's waffles and a cup of coffee for breakfast and a green apple for a snack midmorning. There wasn't much happening at work so I was dying for something to snack by lunchtime. I walked down to Sugar Momma's bakery to see if I could get a vegan cupcake but was reminded that was only on Wednesdays. I went home and had a Gardein veggie burger for lunch with some veggie chips. As it was New Year's eve and we didn't have anything plannned for the evening Jenni and I made sloppy Joe's and potato salad for us and the kids. The sloppy Joe's were very tasty, made from red and green lentils, tomato sauce and tomato paste with a bit of maple syrup to add some sweetness. The potato salad was red potatoes and our own version of mayonaise made from tofu. The boys were pretty dubious about the whole thing but they ate some of it, they seemed happier with the giant tin of popcorn they got from their grandparents for Christmas. No exercise yesterday and a bit of a late night.

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